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Cruiser Clients in Santa Marta
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Vacaciones Santa Marta and the tourist and travel agency „Las Pleyades“ invite all the cruiser clients who arrive in Santa Marta to plan and choose the way you would like to enjoy our city.

¡ Discover all that we have to offer to you!


The tourist and travel agency „Las Pleyades“ operates at both a local and national level of the tourist market. It offers, together with vacacionessantamarta.com, the opportunity to enjoy our local tourist packets in an exclusive manner:

You just have to choose- and we will help you carry out your desires...

When you will arrive in Santa Marta, we will be waiting for you in the port with an air- conditioned van to give you all the information you need and to start your chosen tour.

We give you diverse options so that you can learn about an experience Santa Marta in the most complete way. We also offer you the advantage of selecting and reserving the tour you want in advance.


When you leave the cruiser, we will be waiting for you with open arms to show you our marvellous city.

Our plans are personalized, and cater to your desires. We have many bilingual tour guides who will take you to local shops where you can buy typical regional artisinal items, all handcrafted souvenirs of the city. Air- conditioned ground transportation will take you there! The traditional colombian wood colored „party bus“, the "Chivas Rumberas“ can take you around town for a different feel! Inside, music plays from the region, and you can dance as you like! Without a doubt, we offer you the best, most accommodating options as to how you want to enjoy your stay with us!

These include:
City Tour

The „Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino“ (place where the liberator Simón Bolivar died), the Cathedral Basilica of Santa Marta, the statue of Pibe Valderrama (national football hero), the Viewpoint of Taganga, and the Custom House, are some of the places which you will visit during your excursion through the main streets of the city.

Shopping Tour

A passage through the shops of the city so that you can buy traditional souvenirs of the region, handcrafts and much more.

Canyon Valencia - Buritaca

On this trip, one can discover the beauty of the springs and waterfalls through the rivers that flow from the Sierra Nevada, as well as the forests which form an ecological preserve. Additionally, you will see the estuary mouth of the River Buritaca into the Sea.

National Park Tayrona

This park consists of of 15.000 hectares of tropical paradise, a complex system of stone paved ways which demonstrate an entire net of indigenous settlements, with marvellous beaches of white sand and crystal waters; the most visited ones are „Cañaveral“, „Arrecifes“, „La Piscina“ and „El Cabo San Juan“.


Minca is located at 630 meters above sea level and is a little coffee- town, an ecological paradise with its River Minca of crystal waters and its green vegetation, which holds under its earth the archaeological richness of its ancestors, the „Arhuacos“.

Don Diego

At Don Diego, you will find a marvellous destination between the wet tropical jungle, inhabited by Fig and Mahogany trees. The River Don Diego with its wild cold waters that spring from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta can be navigated via canoe because of its tranquility.

Aquarium Playa Blanca

You will be able to enjoy dolphin and seal shows in the Aquarium. Afterwards, you will see and experience a beautiful beach of white sand and crystal waters where you can enjoy delicious seafood and have a a good time.


The „Mamancana“ is a reservation with 600 hectares of dry tropical forest, which has been declared an ecosystem of prior conservation. It is a favored place for aficionados of ecotourism and of open air activities. The infrastructure allows for the practise of canopy, paragliders, rock climbing, rappelling, mountain biking, downhill biking, horseback riding, and the observation of birds and tours in all- terrain vehicles.


There are beautiful terraces and an indigenous settlement with whose habitants you can interact to know their culture, thoughts and habits. It is a perfect place for the aficionados of ecotourism where you will be able to have an authentic meeting with Nature, wherefore it is perfect for meditation and relaxation. Tayronaka is located close to the River Don Diego.

Costa Verde - Termales de Cienaga

Costa Verde, specifically the termales de Cienaga is a holy place where the „ Mamos“ of the Sierra Nevada practiced their rituals against the evil. There are curative waters in which to relax and renovate oneself. The water has rejuvenating elements and minerals, which have been certified by a group of medics from Romania, who are specialists in the area of sanitary turism.


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